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Ideal Wines & Recipe Ideas to Treat Mums on Mother’s Day

Ideal Wines & Recipe Ideas to Treat Mums on Mother’s Day

If you’re stuck for ideas of what to buy for mum this Mother’s Day, apart from the obvious bouquet of flowers, there’s one thing that’ll win her over WITHOUT FAIL. A meal prepared by and enjoyed with her son/daughter.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be James Martin or Frances Atkins to give her a meal she won’t forget (for the right reasons of course!).

Here’s some inspiring WSW wine and food pairings that are guaranteed to hit the spot.


A sophisticated scallop starter perfect with Prosecco

Sacchetto Spumante Extra Dry Millesimato

If you want to make a big impression with a delicious yet simple starter, try these Prosciutto-wrapped scallops with lemon and parsley butter courtesy of Olive Magazine. The recipe can easily be cut down accordingly and the saltiness of the ham and the creamy texture of the scallops and flavoured butter are perfectly balanced by the acidity and sweetness of Prosecco.

Sacchetto’s Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry Millesimato is a fine and delicate example with just enough discernible sweetness to complement and counter the saltiness while the juicy acidity in the wine cuts through the buttery scallops.


 Smoked trout with classic bone-dry Chablis

Domaine Daniel Séguinot, Chablis

Chablis, arguably the most crisp expression of Chardonnay you can buy, unveils another dimension when paired with smoked trout. This delicately smoky, buttery and flaky-textured fish is not only a crowd-pleaser but it’s got plenty of nutritional benefits too.

The beautiful steely tension in Domaine Daniel Séguinot’s Chablis reflects not only their northernmost position within the Chablis region itself but also the chalky soils on the right bank of the river Serein where the vines are now tended by Daniel’s daughters Emilie and Laurence.

This mouth-watering Chablis pairs brilliantly with Tamsin Burnett-Hall’s chilli courgette capelli with smoked trout. Another quick and easy dish to prepare but packed with flavour that will impress and delight in equal measure!



If it’s Sauvignon Blanc, make it asparagus

Sophie Te’Blanche, Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa

One of our best-selling Sauvignon Blancs actually comes from South Africa as opposed to NZ. The Sophie Te’Blanche Sauvignon made by Iona comes from cool-climate vineyards in the Elgin Valley and nearby Hermanus. Stylistically this sits somewhere between France’s Loire Valley and New Zealand’s Hawkes Bay with plenty of tropical fruit and lime leaf notes mingled with gooseberry and green apple.

With asparagus season in the UK just a matter of weeks away, this ingredient is one of the classic pairings with Sauvignon Blanc. Especially those examples from cooler zones like Chile’s Casablanca Valley or the Cape’s southern coastal areas like Iona’s.

Its textural and mouth-watering style make it a winner with a simple asparagus risotto. This recipe, by the super accomplished chef Barney Desmazery for BBC Good Food, is as delicious as it is easy to prepare and the delicate, creamy flavours are a match made in heaven for the Sophie Te’Blanche.


How about a little southern French flair?

La Vie en Rose

Now that spring is definitely in the air, it feels more appropriate to bring out the ‘pink guns’, in other words the rosé wines. Few places do it better than the south of France and whilst Provence is certainly riding the crest of a wave for its super pale-coloured rosés, there are other brilliant examples on the right side of £10 that not only look the part but pair equally well with a carefully chosen recipe.

La Vie en Rose shares that same pale pink hue associated with Provence despite coming from vineyards just east of Carcassonne in the Aude region of the Languedoc. Made exclusively from the Cinsault variety, this is aromatic yet subtle, fruit-driven yet savoury and refreshing yet satisfyingly long lasting. All these elements allow the wine to marry with a versatile range of food flavours.

For a dish that’s a little more involved yet still easy to prepare and authentically southern-French, try this Provençal take on Spanish Paella courtesy of Perfectly Provence magazine. With more of an emphasis on seafood, it’s packed with textures and flavours that cry out for a wine like La Vie en Rose and will give mum a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget.

Ideal Wines & Recipe Ideas to Treat Mums on Mother’s Day - Paella

If any of these wines prove to be a real hit, we’re offering them all by the six-bottle case at an even more favourable rate. Just follow these links:

 Sacchetto Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry Millesimato

 Chablis Domaine Daniel Séguinot

 Sophie Te’Blanche Sauvignon Blanc

 La Vie en Rose

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