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Making a Feast of Easter

Making a Feast of Easter

So, what’s on the menu for you this Easter weekend? Will anyone be brave enough to get out the BBQ?

With the forecast set to improve over the next few days, it’s an ideal opportunity to get family and friends outdoors. If dining outside sounds a bit too ambitious, then at least sharing a glass or two of wine or fizz will help everyone kick back and make the most of this extended holiday.

I’ve pulled together a few of my favourite Easter-themed recipe’s with wines to match, all tried and tested, which I hope will inspire you to give them a try!

A Vegetarian Masterpiece with an Exquisite Loire Sauvignon

This charred courgette, lemon and goat’s cheese galette is a delicious alternative main course that needs a little pre-planning but is simple to throw together and tastes fantastic. Created by Leith-trained chef, Esther Clark, for BBC good food.

This Bréton-inspired dish combines creamy goat’s cheese and bittersweet courgette with some Italian influences thrown into the mix. They’re a dream combination with Bouchié Chatellier’s Pouilly Fumé ‘Argile à S’. Currently on offer at £16.75 per bottle, this is an absolute steal!

Pouilly-Fumé is famed for its distinctive, pungent aroma reminiscent of gun-flint, which becomes much more evident when flint (known locally as silex) is prevalent in the soil. As is very much the case here. Coupled with this, you get a very dry and fine style of Sauvignon Blanc with a grapefruit and citrus tang that makes the mouth water. Put this with the chalky creaminess of goat’s cheese and you have one of the dream food and wine pairings.

Two Shades of Pink, a Perfect Pairing of Salmon with Rosé

Here’s an ideal Good Friday dish that would work equally well as a pescatarian Easter Sunday showpiece. Tom Kerridge’s Bay-crumbed salmon with creamed spinach and wild mushrooms is quick and simple to prepare yet tastes sensational and looks the part too. The aromas of bay leaves and lemon zest with the oven roasted salmon and the umami-rich porcini mushrooms fills the kitchen and will literally have everyone salivating.

My favourite wine to pair with this is the deliciously fruity and refreshing Australian Rosé from Rogers & Rufus. Made in a Provençal style, that is bone dry and textured, it’s fashioned exclusively from Grenache sourced from premium vineyards in the heart of the Barossa valley. Very much ‘hand-made’ with a light winemaker’s touch, you’ll soon appreciate why it’s been fondly referred to as ‘lunch water’!

An Easter Culinary Classic of Roast Lamb paired Two Ways

Everyone will have their favoured recipe for roasting lamb. Whether slow-cooked, so that the meat literally falls off the bone, or roasted with an array of herbs and other flavourings, to enhance the distinctive pastoral flavour of the meat.

For a Scandinavian twist that shows real creative flair, try this one-pan lamb with hasselback potatoes again, courtesy of BBC good food. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be super-accomplished in the kitchen to create this dish, just allow yourself good time for the prepping. I would definitely recommend adding slices of fresh anchovy pushed into the outside of the lamb, along with the garlic, rosemary and thyme, as it gives an incredible depth of flavour. A small assortment of buttered spring greens completes the dish nicely and keeps it simple and fresh.

I have two red wine options here for you to consider, both equally delicious but will appeal to a broad range of palates.

The first is a lighter option from New Zealand’s Marlborough wine region. The Lawson’s Dry Hills Pinot Noir is bright and appealing with fresh red fruits and savoury oak nuances. There’s a lovely texture and fleshiness with well-balanced acidity that marries beautifully with the lamb. Neither overpowering the other which is exactly what you want.

My second choice, for those that are looking for something with a little more depth yet still elegant, is the stunning Château Sénéjac, Cru Bourgeois Haut-Médoc 2006. Now in its 16th year, it’s drinking at its best and has a beautiful silkiness that will really impress the most discerning palates. The aroma is heady and the flavours are super seductive and for around £20 a bottle, this wine seriously over-delivers. Another winner with this full-flavoured dish. Just remember to decant the wine about an hour before you serve.

However you’re planning to spend your Easter weekend and whoever with, I hope you have a restful, enjoyable and fulfilling one. Cheers!

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