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Our Favourite Food & Wine Pairings for October

Our Favourite Food & Wine Pairings for October

As the weather turns colder and wetter, the prevalence of winter colds increases so comfort food like soup acts as the perfect antidote, especially if they’re rich in vitamins and iron.

Our Favourite Food & Wine Pairings for October - Soup

Autumn is Soup Season

It’s no wonder we humans have such a fond affinity with soup, after all we’ve spent over 22,000 years consuming and refining it! The French take soup very seriously and have even invented words that relate to the key ingredient used to thicken it, i.e. veloutés are thickened with butter, cream and eggs.

With local markets and PYO farms packed with all manner of greens and root vegetables following the latest harvest, the quality of produce is now at its best and most fresh..

Italian Inspired Soup with Beans & Greens

For a quick and easy, vegetarian-friendly soup that tastes great and is rich in vitamin C, try this Courgette, Pea and Pesto Soup from BBC’s good food team. It’s a winner.

Need the perfect accompaniment? This Wine Really is the Dog’s…

Les Chiens, Blanc

If you feel like an impulsive glass of wine to accompany your soup, the Les Chiens Blanc from southern France delivers the perfect balance of floral and fruit fragrance with mouth-watering juiciness. Several native varieties to the Roussillon like Grenache Blanc, Colombard and Vermentino all contribute towards this great value wine. The canine-inspired label is bound to bring a smile too!


Pumpkins are not just for Halloween

This native American winter squash is a versatile ingredient whether boiling the flesh and mashing it for a traditional sweet pumpkin pie, adding chunks to a hearty stew or roasting the seeds as a healthy snack. Even the leaves and flowers are edible too.

The seeds and flesh are also eaten by native Americans and the Chinese to help treat worm and parasitic infections and it’s also a rich source of beta-carotene and vitamin A, both of which help support a healthy immune system and promote good vision.


A Hearty Halloween Stew to Keep Out the Chills

Our Favourite Food & Wine Pairings for October - Hearty Stew

Here’s a fantastic slow-cooked stew that’s quick to throw together and can be left to cook slowly over several hours while you carve the pumpkins, assemble the treats and add the finishing touches to the kids’/grandkids’ outfits. This rich Beef Stew with Pumpkin and Vegetables (aka The Wicked Witch Beef Stew) is by Canadian celebrity chef Ricardo Larrivée and is the perfect Halloween supper to warm you through after a cold night of trick or treating.

A Full-Blooded Red to Partner

Finca Bacara, Time Waits For No One, ‘Black Skull’

The distinctive and appropriately labelled Time Waits For No One ‘Black Skull’ by Finca Bacara is a full-bodied Spanish red from the small DO of Jumilla. This small, low-intervention producer specialises in the native Monastrell variety (aka Mourvèdre) and works with parcels of old vines to create reds with density and structure but elegantly polished too.

This incarnation is a case in point with its opulent layers of cherries and plums underpinned by warming spices and liquorice from 12 months of oak cask ageing. The long list of accolades are further proof that this wine has pedigree. To help celebrate Halloween, enjoy 10% discount off this wine until the big day itself.

Quintessential Quince

Our Favourite Food & Wine Pairings for October - Quince

Here in Britain, unless you have an old English cottage garden, the likelihood of seeing a quince tree is slim. As a result, it’s not widely recognised let alone sought after but in its native lands of Western Asia and the Caucasus, where the fruit ripens fully, it’s a popular culinary ingredient.

A bit like a cross between an oversized apple and a pear, this fruit is fragrant and has strongly perfumed flesh. Generally speaking you can only eat it when cooked and its high pectin levels make it ideal for jams and jellies as well as quince pudding. Quinces can also be baked, roasted or stewed to make a tasty dessert.

The Spanish make a kind of quince cheese called membrillo which is a hard, sticky, red coloured paste that’s delicious served with hard cheeses and cured meats. Quince jelly or membrillo is now much easier to find in quality supermarkets and farm shops. The perfect accompaniment to this light supper or after-dinner cheese course are spicy red wines, like the aforementioned, as well as fortified wines like Port.

With the evenings drawing in earlier and the temperatures starting to fall, remember to stock up on essential supplies like firewood, store cupboard essentials and a few of your favourite bottles to keep out the cold. Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Have a spooktacular Halloween!
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