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Jun 23, 2022

Biodynamic wines. Good Science or just Quirky Philosophy?

Biodynamic farming is not a new concept, indeed it’s almost a century since the Austrian scientist-cum-philosopher, ...

Jun 16, 2022

Chenin Blanc – South Africa’s Heritage White Wine Variety

Chenin Blanc might not be the most recognisable grape variety but it’s an old one that dates back well over 1,000 y...

Jun 9, 2022

Prepare to be Tickled Pink!

Our insatiable thirst for rosé wines, especially those from Provence, is showing no sign of easing off. The hotter t...

Jun 3, 2022

Add some English Sparkle to your Jubilee Celebrations

With just days to go until the Queen’s incredible Platinum Jubilee celebrations, what bubbles will you be uncorking ...

May 30, 2022

Caesar Salad

Crisp leaves of little Gem lettuce provide the perfect scoops for chunks of tender chicken drizzled with creamy Caes...

May 26, 2022

The Best Chardonnays Outside Burgundy

This National Chardonnay Day, we’re taking a look at some of the very best Chardonnays that can be found outside of ...

May 18, 2022

The Best Wines to Treat Dads this Father’s Day

Every year I start to get a twitch around now when I see the reminders around shops and supermarkets heralding the ...

May 16, 2022

Thai Green Fish Curry

INGREDIENTS: (Serves 4-6) 6 Large cloves of garlic4 Sticks of lemongrass (75g lemongrass paste)10 Leafs of kaffir ...

May 10, 2022

How to Taste Wine like a Pro!

I’ll show you in a few simple steps how easy it is to assess wines the way professionals do, and I’ll explain the various components that every wine has in common whether it’s still, sparkling, fortified or sweet.

May 5, 2022

Going Green with Sauvignon Blanc Envy!

Whether it’s the pungent aromatic profile or the crisp, thirst-quenching nature of Sauvignon Blanc, there’s no escap...

May 3, 2022

Viognier: Queen of the Rhône

If you’ve never tasted a Viognier before and you’re a fan of unctuous white wines with hedonistic aromatics, then th...

Apr 26, 2022

Stewed Rhubarb

May is a lovely time of year especially if you grow your own vegetables at home. I was lucky enough to enjoy some ...
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